I am interested in creative positions where I can work hands-on, collaborate with, and learn from a group of talented individuals. Working together with a creative crew invigorates me to push myself to create the best.

For the past eleven years, I've had experience as a Director managing a production team on an online animated web-series called Inanimate Insanity on YouTube. The show started as a small project with friends back in 2011 but quickly grew a large online following, as we now have over 350,000 subscribers and several million views on our videos. I've worked in several positions on this show, including as an Animator, Writer, Sound Designer, Voice Actor and Social Media Manager. I love keeping myself busy in each of these roles, all so I can produce content for audiences to enjoy!


After traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana for college, I took an interest in the Digital Media Production department at Tulane University as a new channel for my creative journey. I had personal experience with film production and eventually wrote, directed and produced my own short film that premiered at The Prytania Theatre. My passions include the fields of writing, sound design, animation, and video editing.


I received a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Production and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Tulane University. I am currently living in New Orleans, Louisiana with my fiancé.

My name is Taylor.