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A Short Film by Taylor Grodin

Candlelight is a short dramatic-supernatural film that I wrote, directed and produced as part of the Digital Media Production Department in Tulane University’s School of Liberal Arts.

The opportunity to create my own short film is truly something I’ve been looking forward to; a project I can proudly work hours on and invest so much time and emotions into has been my mantra for years. 


When Candace cannot take any more of her mother’s strict rules, she decides to disobey her mother and leave home, not realizing it would be the last drive of her life... or so it seems.



Project History

Have you ever caught yourself staring at candles flames? When I was younger, I enjoyed personifying candles as spirits or ghosts, sometimes thinking that you could talk to them and send messages to another world. I decided to take the idea of a candle flame and the afterlife and mix them together to pay homage to my childhood curiosity.

While brainstorming ideas for my capstone film, I created a list of elements in my life that I could try and write stories about. The biggest trend I noticed between all the elements I wrote was the negative effects of my parental relationships, such as being incredibly strict about my grades, keeping me trapped at home and tons and tons of yelling over things that, quite honestly, shouldn’t be argued about.

Mashing together both of these ideas sparked Candlelight: a bridge between my life and a supernatural world. I wanted to send a message in my movie in the way a child could send a message to their parent. Acting a little different than the expected is fine, even if you’re told you must stay in line and follow every single rule. This has been something I’ve slowly adopted into my life in the past couple of years, and I loved sharing this on the big screen.

Filming took place between January and April of 2019 at 3 different locations. There were a total of 4 talented actresses.

The film premiered at The Prytania Theatre on May 16th, 2019.

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