Inanimate Insanity

In April of 2011, my friends and I created an online animated web series project called Inanimate Insanity hosted on YouTube. The project started as just a fun hobby, but quickly expanded over the past 11 years into a full-fledged animated online show that earns hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers.


I quickly learned that I loved to create content that someone could enjoy just like I did when I was younger. Someone could watch my animations and be inspired to take on a new challenge. Whether I could make an audience laugh or cry, I felt overjoyed when my work could influence someone to have some kind of reaction - especially if I could get them to think. Working together with a crew of creative individuals all with the same goal to get a project done invigorates me to push myself to create the best I can, even if I have to work day and night.

I have taken on several roles over the series run of 3 Seasons, 41 episodes, including:

  • Series Director

  • Animation Director

  • Writer

  • Storyboard Artist

  • Sound Editor

  • Voice Actor

  • Social Media Manager - Series' official website, YouTube Channel, Twitter and Facebook.

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