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Sound Design

Along with my audio work on Inanimate Insanity and Candlelight, I've gained experience sound designing student films from Tulane University's Digital Media Production Department using AVID ProTools. Each film below was premiered at The Prytania Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Auditor
An Interruption of Mundanity (2019)
Best Friends
Amped Up! Short Film
How (Not) to Fix a Mortal | Short Film by Megan Glory Walker

Best Friends (2019)

Director: Hannah Bond

Amped Up! (2019)

Director: Ashley Elizabeth Brown

How (Not) To Fix a Mortal (2019)

Director: Megan Glory Walker

The Auditor (2018)

Director: Nic Bonin, 5.1 Sound

An Interruption of Mundanity (2019)

Director: Squid Dixon, 5.1 Sound